datreant.data: convenient data storage and retrieval for Treants

This datreant submodule adds a convenience interface for numpy and pandas data storage and retrieval using HDF5 within a Treant’s directory structure. It provides the data limb for Treants, Trees, Bundles, and Views from datreant.core.


This module is experimental. It is not API stable, and has many rough edges and limitations. It is, however, usable.

Getting datreant.data

See the installation instructions for installation details. The package itself is pure Python, but it is dependent on HDF5 libraries and the Python interfaces to these.

If you want to work on the code, either for yourself or to contribute back to the project, clone the repository to your local machine with:

git clone https://github.com/datreant/datreant.git


This project is still under heavy development, and there are certainly rough edges and bugs. Issues and pull requests welcome! Check out our contributor’s guide to learn how to get started with contributing back.